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Our Vision: The 2020 Vision

We envision a church that impacts the cultural system of Anthem Parkside - Sun City and its surrounding communities by inviting thousands of unchurched and churched people to passionately pursue Christ as Lord. We envision a church that reaches and baptizes over 500 people into the Kingdom by 2020.

We envision a church that offers a dynamic Sunday worship experience. We envision radical transformation in people’s lives as they are drawn to this community of faith. We envision a church that uniquely utilizes creative methods to communicate the gospel in a way that connects with people in a relevant and exciting way that produces life transformation.

We envision a community of faith that is genuine, warm, and inviting. We envision a church culture that has a “magnetic” effect which connects with people and draws outsiders. We envision a hospitable church where people will want to invite their friends.

We envision a church that ministers to the whole family. We envision a church that crosses generational lines and ministers to people from all generations. We envision a church with dynamic children’s, youth, adult, and senior ministries that connects with each generation at their appropriate level. We envision a church devoted to valuing, protecting, and preserving the biblical family. We envision a community that helps heal and restore marriages and equips husbands and wives to love one another as the Bible teaches.

We envision a church where people experience authentic biblical community in the context of small group Bible studies. We envision these authentic faith communities to be the primary form of pastoral care in our church, enfolding people into authentic Christian community. We envision groups that grow and multiply rapidly. 

We envision a church that dynamically engages the local community with fun family events and service projects. We envision a day when community leaders, business leaders, and local government are impacted and changed by the message of the gospel, becoming vibrant witnesses for Christ in their respective circles of influence.

We envision a church that reaches the greater San Tan Valley area, the Hunt Hwy Corridor, and the community of Red Rock through multiplying churches and leaders. We envision a church that has resources and a heart to equip leaders and deploy church planting teams to targeted communities every 24-36 months. 

We envision a church that produces outreach-oriented leaders with impeccable character. We envision an evangelistic church planting training center that trains and develops future generations of church planters and evangelistic leaders. 

We envision a church that engages the world around us for the sake of the gospel and the commission we have been given. We envision a church that mobilizes leaders and people to spread the gospel among the most unreached areas of the world. We envision short-term and long term missions’ involvement and missions’ partnerships becoming a reality as the church matures and grows.